Saturday, August 4, 2007

arlington national cemetery 3

Wider angle, John F Kennedy (and family) gravesite, Arlington National Cemetery. Buried here are John F Kennedy, his wife Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, and two of their children who died in infancy. The circular stone behind the four black tombstones holds the eternal flame--you can just catch a hint of the orange flame against the green grass in this shot. The flame used to be above JFK's tombstone, but once Jackie died his grave was shifted over slightly, so that now the flame lies centered in the back of the granite-and-moss inset.

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Anonymous said...

Amazing man and family and sadly he came to this end early in life. I admired the man a lot and wished he had lived. At the time he and his family were like royalty and about as close as we came to a King. George Washington being the only other man who was thought to be like a King. Nice photography and good story. I did not even know Jackie was buried there.

Thanks for your visit to my blog and you even left a comment on my website. That was a surprise to me.

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