Thursday, August 9, 2007

court house walking tour 2

Car-sharing pole. Arlington--actually, much of the DC metro area--is served by two car-sharing companies, Zipcar and FlexCar. It's a bit like renting a car, except that the cars are parked around the DC metro area, and you reserve them by the hour. The hourly fees also cover gas and insurance, so it's a much better bargain than a normal car rental. It's a great way to reduce the number of cars on the road, especially if, like me, your main mode of transportation is a Metro train.

Below, detail of another pole--I just like the designs at the top. :)


Anonymous said...

My mind went on vacation I think. I have not been gone yet. LOL. ANyway, I followed the link about ZipCars and read that but still am not sure I understand it. Might be my mind. Is it like renting a car and you keep the car or you rent it to drive to a spot and park it and somebody else comes along and takes it and goes somewhere else. When you come out of work at night and go to this zip lot or what it is called you can pick up any zip car parked there and drive it home or to a lot near home? Is that it?

If it isn't then I give up.

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michelle said...

Hi there. :) I don't think I described it all very well!

You've got the general idea. Every Zipcar has its own designated parking space on the street--the poles mark the reserved spaces for the cars. Each Zipcar "lives" at its own particular parking spot. This pole was located at Adams Street and Clarendon Blvd. Zipcar A "lives" there, and has to be returned to that exact spot when the person renting it is done. The poles are there to make sure no one else parks in the designated Zipcar spaces while the cars are are being driven.

So if I rent Zipcar A to go to the grocery store, for example, I have to go to Adams Street and Clarendon Blvd, unlock the car and drive it to the grocery store then stop at my apartment to drop off my groceries, then return the car to the spot at Adams and Clarendon.

Annie said...

What a progressive idea. I've heard of bikes one can pick up and ride but never cars.

Anonymous said...

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