Thursday, August 23, 2007

courthouse walking tour 16

L: Interior, Court House Metro station, looking down the stairs toward the platform from just beyond the turnstiles. R: Metro station, side wall along platform, detail.

Lighting isn't so good on any of these four, because the station manager and I had a very confusing but polite discussion on whether or not pics were allowed. He seemed to think 'No', though there's nothing posted about photography in this station. So, being stubborn, I took all of these without a flash, with the camera down at my side--that's why the first is so woefully underexposed. None of them are particularly good as anything but giving an idea of what the Metro's like inside.

L: Court House Metro: first escalator into station (there's another beyond the turnstiles). R: Court House Metro walkway past escalator and into station, graffiti.

--Last of the Court House walking tour series.


Anonymous said...

There is a lot of that "no pictures" thing going around. In almost every case it is not to be this way but 911 started it. I like your photography and am happy that you took the pictures anyway.

michelle said...

Yeah, I can't really understand how my amateur photos of the Metro station are going to let the terrorists win, but maybe that's why I'm not Mrs Homeland Security. :)

Thanks, as always!