Tuesday, August 7, 2007

frame the issue

This bike was ticketed three times for, apparently, being locked to the wrong part of the bike rack.

Do they really think the owner's going to pay the tickets, on a bike that's not even really a bike anymore?


Hyde DP said...

didn't know they gave tockets to bikes

Anonymous said...

I have seen photos like this before today. Apparently thieves will take all they can get while the bike is locked up. Amazing the cops ticketed it. Almost funny.

Abraham Lincoln
was up to 96F or 35C

michelle said...

Hyde DP--I think the bike has to be clearly abandoned before they'll ticket it, but this one's been there for weeks and weeks.

Abraham Lincoln--it doesn't take long, either. A lot of fancy/expensive bikes around here--don't know whether that's one of them, but badly locked-up bikes lose pieces very quickly round here.