Monday, August 27, 2007


Looking across the Potomac, from a bridge on the multiuse (walking, running, biking, skating, dog-walking, baby-stroller-ing, wheelchair-ing, etc) Mount Vernon Trail. From left to right, the Capitol Building (Congress), the Washington Monument, and the Lincoln Memorial on the National Mall.


Anonymous said...

Amazing photography. So many treasures in your city. I was only there once and was impressed.

Thanks for visiting my blog and for your comments about Dad's clock.

Chuckeroon said...

Tks for dropping in on R u T. This area has a connection with the the name Arlington....Ham House (click one of my link bars) has a connection with the CABAL.....the ruling clique of the 17th Century..

Clifford Arlington Buckingham Ashley Lauderdale.....anyway, I hope to see you again. ;-)

Ackworth Born said...

The river looks to be quite full.

michelle said...

oldmanlincoln--Thanks, it's amazing how many of them I didn't know about until I started this. Always a pleasure to visit your blog!

chuckeroon--Glad to stop by! It's amazing what a small world it is, once you start looking for connections, isn't it? You'll see me again, never doubt it. :)

ackworth born--This pic was taken near high tide, so the river's deceptively full. This part of the Potomac is all tidal river, so the water level fluctuates a great deal during the day. I think it's running somewhere around medium level at the moment.